Jewish Heritage

Tailor-made or combined with other tours

Jewish culture has been a part of Morocco for centuries.  A quarter of a million Jews once lived in Morocco, the largest Jewish community in the Arab world. For over 2000 years, Jews co-existed peacefully alongside, the predominately Muslim, Berbers and Arabs. When Israel was founded in 1948 many were persuaded to leave and today only around 3,000 remain, the largest community being in Casablanca.

Morocco’s many Jewish Heritage sites and holy spaces offer visitors an encounter with ancient traditions, old world customs, architecture, monuments and sites that have permeated Moroccan society for centuries.  There is a historic Jewish mellah in every Imperial city and a multitude of synagogues and cemeteries to be explored.

For clients who wish to explore more of Moroccan Jewish heritage we would typically adjust our other tours to take in those sites that are of interest. Specialist guides are available depending on the amount of detail required and all our drivers have knowledge of Jewish history and the sites.

Whilst we can put together specialist tours, our clients have told us that combing Jewish heritage sites with a generic Moroccan tour also taking in non-Jewish sites, allows them to better understand the history of Jews in Morocco and the relationship with the Moroccan Arabs and Berbers.

Key Moroccan Jewish heritage sites include:

  • Museum of Moroccan Judaism, Casablanca
  • Synagogues in Casablanca, Meknes, Fez, Marrakech, Essaouira, Sefrou, Tangier
  • Jewish Mellahs in Meknes, Fez, Sefrou, Essaouira, Marrakech
  • Jewish cemeteries in Fez, Marrakech, & Essaouira
  • Ait David & Ait Issac Berber Villages
  • Jewish Zaouia sites in Telouet & Ourigane National Park
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