Bespoke Tours

Tailor-made for you

Although we have outlined several trips in the tour section they can all be modified to meet your interests and the time you have available. In Morocco you are spoilt for choice. Given that the country is so diverse, it’s the perfect place to offer bespoke itineraries just for you. So irrespective of whether your interests are in culture and imperial cities, mountains, desert or beach, we will prepare a trip that focuses on your interests. And of course being flexible and knowledgeable we can organise anything – from Jewish culture and heritage, private luxury camping in the desert, fishing on deserted beaches, trekking in remote mountains to your honeymoon. Just ask!

We are endlessly patient. It can take several e-mails, calls and sometimes more to finalise the trip, but that doesn’t matter. That is what we do. We are passionate about you having the best possible trip. And we are always happy to talk – that can help enormously in not just helping understand your requirements, but also building rapport and trust.

Our speciality is in the provision of comfortable luxury trips. However, we realise of course that everyone has different budgets and expectations which we will understand and accommodate.

We recommend that clients try to spend a minimum of 2 or 3 nights in each city. Experience has shown that people have a more rewarding vacation when they are not rushing around the country trying to see everything in the shortest possible time. But if time is limited we understand that compromises are required!

Many trips include the desert, being a minimum of 9 hours’ drive from Marrakech. We suggest that you allocate 4 days to this portion of the trip, with one night at a guest house en route and 2 nights to enjoy the unique desert environment.  The trip to the desert is an integral part of the experience. It should not be rushed, the environment being a marvellous eclectic mix of stark mountain ranges, villages hanging precariously to the mountain edge, kasbahs (some well preserved and other less so) and lush palm-laden oases. En route there is always something to see and interesting people to meet.

So whatever kind of tour of Morocco you are considering please contact us and we will suggest a trip that will more than exceed your expectations.

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