Marrakech Desert Tour, November 2013

My husband, son and I want to thank you for planning the most wonderful vacation we have ever taken together. From the planning stages, where you patiently explained all the locations from which to choose, to the actual execution of our 9 day trip, everything was handled to perfection.

We wanted to see the “real” Morocco and this is what we were able to achieve, thanks to you! The riads you selected were amazing. Each time we entered one, their splendour and craftsmanship took our breath away. The “newest” one was 200 years old and the 17th century kasbah we stayed in, well, we never wanted to leave!

Because we really wanted to immerse ourselves, we took your advice and stayed in the Fes medina. The guide you hired for us in Fes was a wealth of information. He took us through every nook and cranny and every symbol and site was explained in detail. He was also entertaining and a lot of fun to be with!

Our personal Authentic Morocco guide, who drove us throughout the country and stayed with us throughout the entire trip, was absolutely perfect. The stories he told of the desert, the culture and its people were spellbinding. As we drove, he would stop along the way to buy us fresh cherries at a produce stand (the best we’d ever tasted), a rose garland (which I have dried and put on my nightstand) or a delicious tagine lunch at a “local” place no tourist would know to venture into it.

All in all, if you want the real deal, Authentic Morocco is a great way to experience a country rich in history.