Our approach – we listen!

Yes, we listen to you! It might take quite a few e-mails and possibly a chat on the phone, but our philosophy is to prepare a trip based on what you want to do.

Our mission is to ensure that with our experience the trip is as logistically efficient as possible. With careful and thoughtful planning unnecessary travelling and waiting around can be eliminated, ensuring that your vacation is spent doing the things that you enjoy.

Having said that, Morocco is a vast country. In some parts, especially between the major cities the infrastructure is efficient. In rural areas you require more patience with the roads often being winding and slow. From our experience sometimes ‘less is more’. It’s better to spend a few days in each place rather than tear around the country trying to see everything but ending up feeling rushed and having a hollow experience.

But whatever our thoughts and opinions, it’s your trip and we listen to you.

Time of year to visit Morocco

As a general rule the summer months (June to September) are hot, the winter (December to February) quite cool and the spring (March to May) and autumn (October and November) pleasantly warm. But there are no set rules. The country is vast. The north is generally cooler, the coast pleasant all year and the desert inhumanely hot in the summer but very cold at night in the winter.

What we can safely say however is that there is an average annual sunshine of 8 hours a day in Fez and Marrakech, whilst rainfall tends to come in short and intense bursts.

So you can visit Morocco at anytime of year – your itinerary is just accordingly adjusted to avoid any extremes.

What can you do in Morocco?

As well as visiting the Imperial cities, the coast, mountain or desert including Morocco’s historical sites, museums and art galleries, there are a large number of other specialist activities that can be enjoyed. These can be built into your itinerary or organised as a specialist trip in their own right.

Other activities include but are not limited to:

  • Bird watching
  • Fishing
  • Photography
  • Astronomy
  • Horse riding
  • Trekking (fun and serious!)
  • Golf
  • Yoga retreats
  • Moroccan cooking
  • Hot Air Ballooning

The planning process

Once we receive your enquiry we will talk to you about your goals for the trip and suggest an itinerary that will meet them. We would normally expect to make at least 2 or 3 revisions before agreeing a final itinerary.

In the ideal world, the more information that you can provide at the enquiry stage, the closer we will be able to provide you with a proposal that will aim to meet your requirements and budget.

What does a trip cost?

The cost of a trip will vary depending on the price of the accommodation selected. As we only offer private tours quite a significant proportion of the cost will be for the hire of the driver and vehicle. We will not compromise on this as your safety and the success of the trip will be determined by the driver accompanying you.

We do not typically offer group or budget tours – we would describe our offering as affordable luxury. Accommodation has been carefully selected. All the places recommended are small, elegant, stylish and unique with attentive, fun but not obsequious service. We would consider them as 4 star plus. They are not ostentatious.  Within our offering there is still a high and low end to suit different budgets.

The average cost of a private trip typically is between US $ 180 and 450 per day for 2 people depending on the quality of accommodation and the amount of time you utilise the private driver. If this is outside your budget please still contact us as we are always happy to discuss other options or advise you as to an alternative approach.


Insurance is your responsibility – we therefore encourage you to obtain the appropriate holiday travel insurance cover.

We recommend a company called World Nomads, specialists in international travel insurance. Please see our ‘insurance page’ for more details.