Camel trekking and living like a nomad
Camel Trekking and Living Like a Nomad
Nomadic Journey with a Desert Guide

Travel, as desert dwellers have travelled for untold generations, across the soft curves of sandy dunes and the flatness of the hammada as dust devils whirl and mirages shimmer. Sip mint tea with desert nomads, draw water from a nomad well and embrace the timeless quality of desert life. You will hear the words “Inch Allah” (if God wills). A nomadic life is one of surrender and acceptance: surrender to the elements and daily events; acceptance of what is and what will be.

I have done 5day Camel Treks in both Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga.  It was, each time, an extraordinary experience that took me way beyond my comfort zone (more than once) in the five days.  At the end of both treks I felt that I had walked out of the world as I knew it and I would never be quite the same again.  As romantic an idea as it may seem to ‘wander in the desert like a nomad’ it not an easy undertaking.  Would I do it again?  Yes, given the opportunity, but with a deeper understanding of what it entails emotionally, mentally and physically.

There is no fixed itinerary.  You set out, with a desert team and camels, for five days:

  • most nights you wild camp under the stars or alongside a Berber family on the desert floor
  • food is limited and basic as you eat what you carry
  • it is essential to carry a water filter to filter and drink water from the nomad wells
  • there are no washing facilities for the duration and no toilets
  • if you encounter a sand storm (I did on both occasions) you sit it out
  • you are never quite sure what you will encounter as each day unfolds under a vast blue sky and nights are spent star gazing or, if there is a full moon, dancing with your shadow in the moonbeams.

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