Fes to Marrakech 5day Desert Tour, April 2018

The trip was great and we are both glad we did it. The driver Abdul was friendly, informative and showed us a lot. Glad we got down to see the deserts in the southern part of the country and got to drive though the Atlas Mountains. A trip to Morocco wouldn't really be complete if you didn't get down south and such a good way to get from Fez to Marrakech. The hotels were very enjoyable; a nice combination of being in small towns and out of the way places and very comfortable with good food. It certainly was more luxurious compared to my old hostel days. We both did like the hotels and the staff at all of them were good. Abdul and the tour did take us to a lot of places that would not necessarily be easy to get to by public transportation. The scenery and historical sites were good and enjoyed walking around the places we stayed at. Although I can't really say I like riding a camel, that night in the desert was great too. The deep desert camp is way more comfortable they I imagined and it was a good time. So all and all, we are both happy with the trip and would do another one with you. Very happy with the places we visited in Morocco and got a good feel for the country in our 3 plus weeks in Morocco. And thanks for arranging the trip so quickly. I emailed you for the first time on a Friday night and took off on the trip the following Thursday.

- Allan

Marrakech to Fes 4day Desert Tour, September 2018

We had a great time and this short tour was the highlight of our 2 week trip to Morocco. Saaid, our guide, was exceptional in every way. Unscripted, talkative, and funny. Because he is Berber and from the High Atlas region, he provided fantastic insights into the history of Morocco, both the good and the bad, as well as the current state of affairs, which we both enjoyed learning about. Saaid was great at taking candid photos of us, then sending them to us at the end of the day using WhatsApp. Very nice of him to contribute to our memories. Our driver, Jawad Barka, though English was limited, was equally engaging. Both went out of their way to make sure we were OK at riads, restaurants or shops. Our four day trip went all too quickly.

- Kevin

Fes Day Trip to Chefchaouen, October 2017

We just wanted to thank you so much for organizing the tour for us today at Chefchauoen! My family had an amazing time today. Ali was an amazing guide! He walked us to the Spanish Mosque & around the medina as well. Having had terrible experiences in Marrakesh with really bad tour guides, we are very grateful to have met Ali! Thank you once again for your help & we will definitely recommend your company & Ali to our friends in Hong Kong!

- Jeannette

12day Morocco Tour starting Fes and ending Marrakech including Desert Tour and Golf in Essaouira, October 2018

Fes: Our favorite city. Riad Kettani was lovely. Our city tour was very good. A highlight was the time spent with Miriam and her Tasting Tour. We would have never ventured into the stalls tasting like we did on our own. We loved being with her and sharing it all. We wandered the Medina on our own and followed our breadcrumb trail home. We had a very fun (and splurge ) dinner at Nur.

I think the one surprise was the long drives between cities - but, I must say, always interesting. Hassan and Said were great guides to our next adventures. We adored the Dunes and Ali’s wonderful camp and cooking. What a luxury to be at such a small camp. We arrived a bit late for our full camel drive, but still had a great experience. We had perfect weather and were quite happy to have two nights in camp—especially with the second night and dinner under the stars. Ali’s gift of his cumin is so appreciated as I make my Tagine tonight. Walking along the dunes as the sun rose was amazing.

Skoura: another long drive to Caroline’s fabulous hotel. I could have easily spent another night there to fully experience it. The dinner was delicious and Skoura looked so interesting. Next time.

On to Marrakesh and more wonders awaited. Bigger, broader, noisier—watch where you walk! Alexandra and her Riad were an amazement as we left the car park and walked the dirt streets (they had just removed all the pavers) to this inauspicious entry.
I loved the Riad and loved her comprehensive list of must-sees. We downloaded and were ready to explore. She checked in on us and guided us. What a personalized experience. Our city guide was fine, a small glitch with meeting up with Said (but you had warned us that “stuff happens") and the next day a very lovely cooking class at La Maison Arabe. What a treat.

Onto Essaouira with Abdullah. He has a wonderful sense of humor! Just a delight. Golf worked perfectly both days with Abdullah and I am so glad we stayed in the Medina. Walking into Heure Bleu I felt I had entered a movie set. Great choice. Delicious food and nice service. We had a beautiful sunset from the ramparts.

Liz, I can’t thank you enough for all your preplanning, advice on food, tipping etc. You have some great people in your “arsenal” and we were fortunate to be part of their lives for a brief moment.

- Maude

Long Weekend in Marrakech, September 2017

Marrakech was fantastic – major brownie points! Would probably go back and stay another day or two. Ryad was great.

- Paul

Marrakech 2day Trip, April 2017

We had a great time on our trip to the Atlas. Our pickup form our road in Marrakesh was well organised and smooth as was the drop off afterwards. Our driver Khalid was really good, he had loads of info and we also had a good laugh. The drive out over the pass was amazing as was the trip back through the quiet valley from Telouet. Our overnight stay in Cigognes was really peaceful and the food was lovely, a great choice. We will definitely recommend Authentic Morocco to others and I have already given a review on Trip advisor.

- Jon & Anna

3day Fes to Marrakech Luxury Desert Tour, May 2018

We had a fantastic time on the trip, and were very pleased with how smoothly everything ran. The night in Erg Chebbi was definitely a highlight. Thanks again for setting it up for us!

- Rohit

Marrakech with night in Scarabeo Camp, September 2017

We had a great time! I felt that the itinerary was perfect for us - a good balance of sight seeing and exploring on our own.

- Riad Adore was fantastic- would recommend it to anyone traveling to Marrakech. It was still easy to get anywhere we wanted to go, but quiet and nice to get away from the hustle and bustle. The staff were awesome.
- Scarabeo Camp- our stay there was very nice and it was really cool to be able to ride the camels and hang out in the desert under the stars. The only thing that wasn't fantastic was the communication (although this is likely due to a language barrier which I understand). When we arrived, they brought us tea and told us to have a seat, but after that, no one really spoke to us to explain anything. They showed us to our room, but the guide didn't seem to speak any English. I guess I expected someone to be clear about how meals worked, when the camel ride was, etc. It would have felt more comfortable/welcoming if someone had explained things to us. I overheard other guests with the same complaint about communication as well. Other than that, the stay was great!
- Walking Tour- Our tour guide Abdullah was excellent! Could not ask for a better experience!
- Transfers went very smoothly and it was very valuable to us to have all of our rides coordinated for us.
- Faim D'epices- fantastic experience meeting new people and great food!

Thanks again for all of your help and suggestions! We had an amazing experience!

- Emily

2day Desert Tour Fes to Marrakech, July 2018

My friends and I wanted to express our tremendous thanks and delight for the wonderful tour we enjoyed with your team during our visit to the Sahara. Marwan and Mohammed were beyond gracious hosts, truly going above and beyond any typical tour we expected and made us really feel like family. Their knowledge, passion and pride in the Moroccan people and culture was so genuine and we learned so much about the country and its amazing people through not only what they taught us but in the hospitality they showed us. Their dedicated and persistent efforts to find our lost luggage honestly meant the world to us. We know without a doubt without their efforts and help we would not have retrieved our luggage. From persistent phone calls, investigation behind where our luggage was to even offering to lend us some of their own clothes! This was more than we could have asked and we will never forget this kindness. They were able to help us resolve a very stressful situation and allowed us to enjoy the beauty of Morocco despite such an unfortunate situation. Our visit to Morocco was quick and we were initially debating whether the detour to spend one night in the Sahara would be worth it. We couldn't be happier with our decision to spend a night in the Sahara and the experience was worth every penny and more. Our only regret was that we did not have as much time and would have loved to stay a few nights at the camp and enjoy more stops along the route to Marrakech. Although 1 night is just a preview of the beauty the desert has to offer, we felt the experience we had at the camp, sleeping under the stars, dancing to the music around the fire with the Berber locals, the beautiful sites and history we learned along the way we were so well worth the long drive and detour. Our hectic schedule and the stress of our luggage left us exhausted and napping very often in the car which we do regret but we thank the team for their patience with us! Above all this they were incredibly fun and friendly to enjoy such long drives with. We loved learning Berber and Arabic phrases as well as more details about the culture from them. We really enjoyed their company and hope to see them again one day! We still remember: Salam labes....labes.....azul.....oho and tanmert! We were incredibly surprised by the delicious food stops we had during our drive. The first place where they took us to enjoy the BBQ was still one of the best meals we had during the entire trip! The luxury camp was just as beautiful as expected and we were pleased with our decision to upgrade to the luxury camp. We had no idea sleeping under the stars was an option and this was the most memorable part of the evening! The food at the camp was delicious and the portions were very generous for our party of 3. The camel ride was magical, perfectly timed as we arrived just at sunset. We truly wish we had more time to enjoy the camp. Our friends and family have been raving about our photos and stories from our visit to the desert. We definitely plan to return one day to share this amazing experience with more of our friends and family. I plan to include this review and further stories and photos of our experience in the Sahara on my blog so I'll be sure to share with you once it is up on the site. Please do extend our sincerest thanks, share our words, and send our warm regards to Marwan and Mohammad. It was seriously a magical and unforgettable experience we will treasure forever. Thank you to our Moroccan family for showing us such a wonderful time. Tanmert!!

- Christel, Jacquelyn & Jodie

Morocco Tour from Tangier to Marrakech with Chefchaouen, Fes, Erg Chebbi and Skoura, October 2018

We’ve just gotten back home from Paris I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for making our trip in Morocco a smooth and enjoyable one. It’s been a great pleasure to have worked with you from the planning stages right until the end. Please extend our gratitude to your entire team, especially to our driver Abdul Rahim whose company has been the most enjoyable throughout our long journeys on the road. Once again thank you and all the best!

- Jonathan and Eric

Marrakech to Fes 4day Desert Tour, October 2017

We had a really fantastic time, and we were particularly impressed with how well-organized everything was. Your packet did a great job setting expectations appropriately. Our driver Abdul was fantastic. His English was great, he was flexible and took us wherever we wanted to go, and he was friendly and helpful throughout. Thanks!

- Alex

Casablanca Tour with Fes, Desert Tour and Marrakech, April 2018

We loved our trip. I want you to know that. I will check with everyone and see if we can provide you with more detail. The people that you put us in touch with were all excellent. Thank you so much.

- Kathy

Honeymoon in Morocco, January 2018

We absolutely loved our Authentic Morocco portion of our honeymoon. Our driver was a splendid tour guide and driver! We also enjoyed the other tour guides and staff during our adventure tour as well. I would love to provide feedback about your business for others to read. Where is the best place to share our experience with other travelers considering a tour company? Thank you for your help in determining the best tour for us!

- Amy and Dave

Marrakech with Erg Chegaga, Tata and Taffroute, January 2019

We want to thank you for planning such an amazing trip. Logistically everything went off without a hitch, and our guide Hussein and driver Abdullah were fantastic. The itinerary was perfect and we came away seeing exactly what we wanted. Hussein went out of his way to show us the local culture of each area we visited and also got us out of a couple of uncomfortable situations smoothly and professionally. His style of guiding is very laid back, and while this might not suit some tourists who need to be engaged or entertained at every moment, it was perfect for us. We also ended up spending a fair amount of time with Hussein and Abdullah on their off day and ate meals with them (they did not force this on us) and we really enjoyed their company. The trip wouldn't have been the same without the meals and conversations we all shared. All in all I think this was one of the best trips we have ever taken, and it was certainly the best trip in terms of value. We've traveled all over the world but found Morocco to be truly special … the towns in the far south are like stepping back in time.

- John

Family Holiday - Marrakech with Essaouira and Stony Desert, October 2017

We were so happy with our whole trip! It really was amazing. The driver that picked us up from the airport and then took to camp and to Ourika Valley was wonderful. Same with the other driver from Marrakech- Essaouria. His english was less than the other man though. Which was fine, still very nice. City Guide- was very kind. Too much detail for the kids at time, but still great and took his to a great cafe for lunch as well after requesting. Riad Nora - Beautiful courtyard and terrace. Nice family room, although just 1 big room. It was fine and did everything we needed it to for 2 nights. Ryad Waiter Great owners, very helpful. Nice huge family room with kids being able to sleep upstairs and Jon & I downstairs in another bedroom. Great space for families. Camp - such a cool experience!!! If we did again, I would want to try and find a way for us all to be in the same tent. I would also try and book another activity upon arrival. Although it was nice to have nothing to do at the camp ... kids were pretty ancy with the heat and waiting until 6pm for the camel ride. Kasbah Bab Ourika - our favorite!!! Wonderful food, great pool for kids. And the suite was huge and was such a treat to end on. The hike was a big hit. I think it was booked for 2 hours, but we ended up being gone for 5 hours. Sweetest guide and donkey that joined us. We could have used 1 more night here ... and maybe would have enjoyed a cooking class or spa time ... but we have already said we would like to go back there one day 🙂 I would recommend leaving hotel earlier for airport. Airport was a mess getting out. Long long lines! We left hotel a little after 12noon for a 3:10pm flight. We didn't get on the plane until 3:10! but then we were delayed 1 hour waiting for the rest of the passenger and then missed our connection again in Munich. Thank you again Liz for having the trip organized so well. I use to work in Destination Management and Event planning prior, and I know how difficult this can be. I have already passed your name along.

- Clay

Marrakech Day Trip to Essaouira, June 2018

Thank you from me, my mother and sister. The driver and the tour guide were amazing!

- Lami

Weekend in Marrakech, December 2017

Everything was fantastic! Thanks soooo much. The hotel was lovely & the manager was really welcoming & accommodating. Great vacation & have recommended you to many already!

- Diana

Tours from Fes and Marrakech, April 2018

We were very happy with everything Authentic Morocco arranged.
Thank you for all you did for us.

- Helen

Marrakech Family Desert Tour, December 2013

The trip was wonderful. The information you provided prior to departing gave us a very good idea on what to pack and expect. Khalid our driver was extremely nice and knowledgeable, the places we stayed were memorable AND authentic, and the itinerary was just perfect. We truly had some unforgettable experiences and felt that we saw and experienced a very real part of Morocco. Thank you.

- Kate

4day Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour, December 2016

We had an amazing time on the tour. Abdul and Mbarak were absolutely fantastic - they went above and beyond accommodating our needs from the onset. I had heard about madfouna and asked if we could have one on the way to Dades Gorges, so Mbarak took us to a butcher in Rissani (who showed us how he made the meat filling even though none of the other shops were even open yet) and into the bakery where they showed us the back oven (my husband is a restaurateur, so this is catnip for him) and introduced us to the bakers who were going to finish baking the madfouna for us. Then I asked to do a quick hike when leaving Dades Gorge and Abdul took us through some beautiful kasbahs around Monkey Fingers where we got some incredible photos and one of a kind insights into Berber life. It was awesome. The rest of the trip was equally great - having those two as our driver and guide were indispensable to making it such a memorable trip.

- Maureen

Casablanca to Marrakech with Fes and Erg Chebbi Desert Camp, December 2017

We enjoyed our time in Morocco very much. Thank you! First of all, we really appreciated your personal recommendation be it the riads or cooking class. But above all, we were especially impressed by your efficiency of response and follow-up to all our requests and queries – and we know there were quite a few. So Thank You! Secondly, having Hisham as our driver complemented the group. His friendly, jovial and helpful disposition ensured that the long drives were never awkward and he demonstrated pride in his country as he made time to stop at different places, or slowed down offer us relevant information, telling us more about the different places we see and prepared us for what to expect up ahead during the drive so that we would not miss any photo-taking opportunities. We never felt rushed, yet always made our way to the next destination safely and in time. Having him around gave a different insight to the Moroccan life. Our guides in Fez and Marrakech were knowledgeable. They were punctual and professional at all times and could answer any questions we had for them. We especially liked Muhammad, from the desert camp site. We were welcomed warmly and he made us very comfortable and ensured we were very well-fed. We really appreciated how we could spent as much time as we wanted on the dunes, which we especially enjoyed as we only there for the day.

- Winnie

Tin Hinan Luxury Desert Camp in Erg Chebbi, December 2016

Overall, we thought the experience was fantastic. We gave it 5 stars.

- Chris

Vehicle and driver for Private Tour Tangier to Marrakech, June 2018

I'd say just about everything was fantastic. Our drivers were so helpful and kind and the tours were perfect. At one point our driver in Marrakech was very cautious about handing us over to the gentleman who said he was from Riad Al Jazira. While the man actually was with the Riad we really appreciated that our driver was looking out for us. The one thing I'd say is that getting in touch with the drivers to coordinate airport times was a little tricky, but nothing crazy. Additionally, I'd recommend looking at Casa Sabila for budget-conscious travelers going to Chefchaouen. It was a lovely little hotel and the staff was amazing. Hope this is helpful. Thanks for everything Liz!

- Benton

Marrakech City Guide Tour, October 2017

Our experience was wonderful! Our guide was very knowledgeable and flexible with our itinerary and even walked us back to our hotel to make sure we didn't get lost. Thanks!

- Lori

Highlights of Morocco Tour (2weeks), October 2017

I must say we had the time of our lives with the trip you put together. The Riads were very nice and were above par for what I was expecting. The length of the trip was within reason for us and I think Ali was a very gracious host and driver. We took enough breaks to make the trip pleasant without being stuck on the road for too long. The routes were nice too since it brought us into the real country of Morocco. Would I change anything? Maybe add another week. Maybe spend some time in the mountains with the locals. Buy a house and move there? I loved Morocco and we will probably go back soon enough. Stay in touch and give our love to Ali and all the other wonderful people we had as hosts in that amazing country.

- Rudy and Patti

Tin Hinan Luxury Desert Camp, December 2016

We enjoyed our trip immensely! Even our son, who is nearly impossible to please w/r/t vacations, said, "Best vacation ever!" Ali and Mustapha were gracious hosts, and I loved being able to use our vehicle for its intended purpose.... bombing across sand dunes & exploring the desert! We will be recommending you & your group for anyone who asks. Thank you again for all your help!

- Dave

Marrakech and Fes Tour, February 2019

A belated thank you for a wonderful trip. All of your people, arrangements and the riads in Marrrakech and Fes were perfect. Riad Kettani is an amazing space - we really loved Fes because of this Riad.

- Smita

Casablanca to Marrakech with Chefchaouen and Fes, April 2018

Liz, we had THE best time - thank you so much! it was a pleasure to work with you, and I hope the flights all sorted out w/ Air France.

- Trish

Marrakech with Desert Tour and Luxury Desert Camp, June 2017

We enjoyed the tour very much and certainly don’t have any complaints. I read your website and various reviews before booking and would say that Authentic Morocco "did what it said on the tin” as it met all of our expectations.

- Robert

Casablanca Tour with Fes, Desert, Off the Beaten Track and Marrakech, April 2018

We are now home safe and sound from our amazing trip to Morocco! Thank you again for arranging our trip - our itinerary was perfect in every way!! We had Mohamed Oukrou as our driver and Hamid Amchayd as our guide. They were both wonderful and we became great friends and we were a joyful group together in our Land Cruiser. Every day and moment was full of amazing sights and sounds and tastes and smells, and it was a revelation to experience directly the culture of Morocco! The places we stayed were all great – and we enjoyed the food everywhere – the places where we ate selected by Mohamed/Hamid were great, as were the places selected by the city guides. We enjoyed each of the city guides. Thanks again for setting us up with a wonderful trip!

- Blair

Marrakech to Tangier with Essaouira, Erg Chebbi, Fes and Chefchaouen. October 2018

We are home again, and dealing with the jet lag woes, but revelling in the experiences we have recently enjoyed in our time in Morocco. We were thrilled with your itinerary and accommodation suggestions, the staff we met, and country and history we saw. We hope we tipped appropriately! My expectations of Morocco were rather naive and the mountains way surpassed my imaginings, the winding roads were survived with good preparations and we feel we saw a wonderful variety of what is offered by Morocco. We had rain in the stony area of the Sahara, loved the free time to start in Essaouira and end in Chefchaoun and the special stays in Tamdaght and Dades Gorge. The city guides in Marrakesh and Fez went way beyond half day tours. It was also very good to meet Alla.
Thank you so much for enabling us to broaden our horizons and understandings, through our very positive experiences in our trip.

- Ruth

Marrakech Desert Tour with Erg Chebbi, November 2014

Overall, we had a fantastic time and really enjoyed seeing so much of Morocco! And we appreciate the fact that you were so easy to work with. Very responsive, and we especially appreciate that since our trip was planned at the last minute. We will definitely tell others to use Authentic Morocco!

- Bonnie

Marrakech to Fes 3day Desert Tour, July 2017

The trip was awesome and we all had a great time. We really enjoyed all the accommodations and the driver was amazing. Thank you so much for all your help and organization.

- Luca

Marrakech to Fes 3day Private Desert Tour, November 2018

We had a lovely desert experience. The guide was fantastic and the hotels and tent were wonderful. We also enjoyed the food and being vegetarians it was the best food we had in Morocco.

- Chirag

Marrakech to Fes 3day Desert Tour, August 2018

We had a really wonderful time and I would love to go back to Morocco one day (soon I hope). Hamid and Jaouad were really helpful, pleasant and efficient. As you said, sometimes we had long drives, especially after the desert camp, on the way to Fes (maybe because we were very tired on the last day, after all the adventures, that car journey seemed longer). But, the journey from Marrakesh to the desert was wonderful, Hamid knows a lot about the Berbers, the villages, the history and culture. Jaouad is a good driver and super nice. We learned so much! I would definitely go back to the desert camp as well, maybe spending more time there. It was very hot at night, as you have warned us, but wonderful! Thank you so much again for everything.

- Ines

Majestic Morocco Small Group Tour, November 2017

The tour went fabulous!! All my guests had an amazing time. Hesham was great as always, everyone just loved him and he was great to work with. The guides were excellent. Riads were great. Dar Tayoute in Merzouga was really nice and the deep camp was excellent too. Great camel guide as well. Thanks Liz for al your and your teams help and support with this tour.

- Genevieve

Family Tour with Marrakech, Erg Chebbi and Essaouira, August 2018

Our week in Morocco was in incredible experience. The itinerary was smartly prepared, the guesthouses were all impressive, and we were honored to have Mohammed Oujrid as our guide (Abdul was also a kind and reliable driver). I want to comment in particular about Mohammed, who was knowledgeable, responsive, open and patient. He did an excellent job of identifying and following-through with stops and information that made the trip perfect. Importantly, he was open and candid about his experience as a Moroccan and as a Muslim, and was equally open about our discussions and comparisons to our culture. It was truly an important educational experience for us and our girls. We would certainly love to have him as our guide again someday, and would highly recommend him as a guide. All in all, it was a wonderful trip and we would not hesitate to use Authentic Morocco again in the future!

- Natale and Mike

3day Desert Tour Fes to Marrakech, November 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Both Majid and Hassan were excellent and we enjoyed our accommodations and food selection both nights. Thanks for all your assistance. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know going to Morocco.

- Rob

Casablanca Tour with Marrakech, Erg Chebbi, Fes and Essaouira, August 2018

Morocco was more interesting than we’d even imagined and we regretted not having more time there, although we’ve already decided to return. Abdul was a wonderful driver - dependable, patient and unflappable. Before the trip, we weren’t sure how we would like spending so much time with someone we didn’t know, but he was great company and very informative for visitors like us with endless questions about Morocco. We really enjoyed our travels with him.

- Mary and Jane

8day Morocco Tour from Casablanca with Fes, Fes to Marrakech flight, and Marrakech; May 2018

We had a wonderful time in Morocco. We loved all the riads you picked for us, and thank you for taking the liberty to book the dinner at the riad in Fes — that was the best meal of our trip! The city guides were all good (the one in Meknes was our favourite), and we very much enjoyed our driver and English-speaking guide for the first three days. Thanks also for attending so promptly to any questions or issues we had during the trip. You did a great job!

- Ed

Marrakech to Fes Desert 3day Tour, November 2018

We enjoyed our trip very much! (1) The tourist guide in Marrakech was good and knowledgeable. However, he did take us to a restaurant where the food wasn't good and highly overpriced. (2) Our driver and tour guide, both named Hassan, were great. Service was spot on. The van was clean and they were both friendly. (3) At Ksar Tin Hinan everything was perfect from the moment they greeted us to when we left. We loved our stay in the desert, and Ali is great. Overall, we really liked Morocco, the food and its people. I thank you very much for all your help. Many thanks!

- Gerardo

Marrakech Tour with Rabat, Chefchaouen, Fes and Luxury Desert Camp, December 2015

Just wanted to thank you for helping me plan an amazing trip in Morocco.
Mohammed and the drivers were great!!

- Vivian

Private Morocco Tour with Marrakech, Desert Tour, Fes, Chefchaouen and Rabat, October 2018

We did enjoy our time in Morocco. Everything was well planned, and our days went smoothly. Thanks for the work you did to arrange it all. Our trip was a good family time – retrospectively, we might have decided to cover less ground and take a slower pace, but on the other hand, we saw a great portion of Morocco and learned a lot about the country and the people.

- Gladys

Family Tour: Casablanca to Marrakech with Desert Tour, December 2018

I chose Authentic Morocco for a private family tour after Liz Wiilams was recommended by a friend. Her organisation went like clockwork- from collection at Casablanca airport to drop off at Marrakesh a week later. The accommodation in Fes, Skoura and Marrakesh each differed but each was a delight. The city guides for our walking tours in the medinas of Fes and Marrakesh were informative and did not put pressure on us to shop at specific retail outlets. Our driver for the week, Khalid, was very good and we felt entirely safe despite the apparent madness of some other road users! Our guide on the road for the week, Abdul, was helpful and informative. I thoroughly recommend Authentic Morocco.

- Tim from Australia

Marrakech 3day Desert Tour to Erg Chebbi, June 2017

Our trip was wonderful. Mohammed was a fantastic guide and we all became very good friends by the end of the trip. Our only comment is that we wish we had more time to do everything! The 3-night trip to the desert was very fast. We were exhausted by the end of it. But everything was fabulous and couldn’t have been better. I would highly recommend Authentic Morocco tours to anyone. Hope we get to do another one down the road!

- Jill

Marrakech with Desert Tour and Essaouira, September 2018

The trip was fantastic and all of the arrangements, guides and drivers were perfect. I’ll send you more details and some photos in a few days. Many, many thanks for all of your help!

- Mark & Adrian

Family Tour including Erg Chebbi, Fes, Marrakech and Essaouira in December 2016

We had an awesome trip in Morocco, thank you so much once again. Mubarak, Marouan and Ali are wonderful people and made our time there very memorable. We send them our heartfelt thanks and best wishes, and the girls still miss them very much. Wishing you and the team good health and all the very best!

- Ruth and Felix

10day Tour from Rabat with Fes, Camel Trekking in Erg Chebbi, and Marrakech, November 2017

I want to chime in on HOW AMAZING our trip to Morocco was!! A million thank-yous!! From the minute we met our driver at the airport until he dropped us off, we felt safe and well cared for. Everyone and every thing you arranged for us was incredible. It was such a joy being with our 3 adult children and despite some Moroccan Belly episodes we had the perfect trip. Mohammed, Omar and Mustafa at the desert camp were incredibly solicitous to those who were not feeling well. It was so touching. I want to go back and explore Tangier, and Chefchouen, and the coast and and and…… The whole experience was out of this world - thanks to you!

- Lindsey and family

Casablanca to Marrakech tour with Fes and the Erg Chebbi Dunes, December 2013

The trip was absolutely great! All in all, it allowed us to see wonderful places and meet wonderful people. Authentic Morocco did a splendid job catering to our very specific needs and requests and we were very thankful for that!

Thanks Liz for all your help organizing and choosing the right people! Thanks Mustafa and Jalil for the driving, information and being such gracious traveling companions!

- Michel

Private Family Tour - Marrakech with Desert Tour to Erg Chebbi, May 2017

We all want to thank you so much for your assistance in making this an unforgettable experience for our family. I somehow have the feeling that we got some sort of special treatment......but if that is the feeling you manage to give all your guests, then that is the true art in your business. Next time we come, we will go to Fez!!

- Jette and family

Marrakech to Tangier Tour with Marrakech, Essaouira, Desert Tour, Fes and Chefchaouen. October 2018

We had a fantastic time in Morocco, the landscapes were stunning and the people we met were lovely. We wished we had more time to spend there. We really enjoyed having Nordine as our guide and Mohamed as our driver, they both went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed the trip and really provided a great insight into the culture and traditions of the country. Thanks so much for your input into our trip. We were very happy with the itinerary, and everything went smoothly.

- Lyn

Tangier to Marrakech with Fes and Erg Chebbi Dunes, September 2017

Must confess I find it difficult to find the correct superlative for our trip through Morocco. Your planning for us truly was perfect in every way. Our driver/guide Ali ..... can’t thank you enough for choosing him for us. We learned so much about Morocco, and in spite of the volumes that I read before the trip, I truly knew nothing. His advice on water, food, bathrooms, motor scooters in Marrakech, etc etc kept us healthy and safe. Ali is truly a gem. Every riad, the desert tenting, the meals, be glad you are not in this room with me because I would probably put you to sleep with my endless chatter about the wonders of Morocco. I wrote notes every evening and I am thankful for this as we learned so much I would have forgotten most of it. We are just home after 4 weeks away and Morocco tops the list of all that we experienced. I have become an advocate for travel in Morocco and of course, having Authentic Morocco do the trip planning. With our gratitude.

- Maxine and Kurt

Casablanca to Marrakech with Fes, Erg Chebbi, Skoura and Marrakech. October 2018

I would like to say thank you to you and Amina for putting together a fantastic tour of Morocco. My friend and I absolutely loved everything about our vacation. Our driver, Jawad was great and our guide, Mohammed was fantastic! Thank you for helping us have a memorable trip. Hope to see Morocco again soon.

- Victoria

Marrakech and Fes with a night in Scarabeo Camp, December 2017

First off, it was a terrific experience, and everyone really enjoyed Fes, Marrakech, and the desert. So, all around, we were very happy. Second, we liked both riads very much. They were a bit different, but both interesting, and the hosts were very nice. Third, the tour guides were good, friendly, and helpful. Fourth, transportation worked very well, too. The only hitch we experienced was on arrival in Marrakech Airport from Fes when the driver could not find the riad and tried to get someone to help him and us (unsuccessfully) so we took matters into our own hands and used Google Maps. Given our unfamiliarity with the place, it was a bit daunting at first, but in the end, it was a small (and the only notable) thing. Many thanks again for your help!

- Chris

Marrakech and Fes with Desert Tour, February 2018

For me, personally, it is one of those trips that I’ll never forget. The plans, itinerary & reservations that you suggested & confirmed for us were spot on! I really appreciate your flexibility, openness & advice— we outlined stipulations & you delivered perfectly! I know we mentioned a little concern on the long driving days but with the private vehicle & Abdul as our driver, we made those days what we wanted— stop here, don’t stop there etc. The weather gave us a small challenge or two but that’s life & it was truly an adventure of a lifetime! As you advise, without the desert trek, there was so much we wouldn’t have seen— wow, Morocco is such a diverse country. It’s absolutely amazing! We all agreed that 1 more day in Fes would’ve been ideal, but that’s not what our schedule allowed.
Your team & you are incredibly impressive! I wouldn’t hesitate to come straight back to you all if/when heading back to Morocco. Thank you for your help in planning our trip. You made it incredibly easy. It made all the difference.

- Katy

3days Marrakech to Fes Desert Tour, May 2018

I cannot say enough about how perfect the entire experience was for our group. Collectively, all the ladies were blown away by the hospitality of the owners of the riad, the camp crew, and our amazing driver. The food was incredible to say the least, a good variety of options, even though we had been in Morocco for 4 weeks and were a bit tired of tajine, the dishes served at camp were one of the BEST we had eaten. Enjoyed every moment. Some of the days were long in the car, but our driver was engaged in conversation, polite, kind, funny and informative, even though he was probably so hungry as it was Ramadan. We had the honor to break his fast on day four heading back to Marrakesh, were he taught us more about his religion over dates and Harira. We felt very lucky. He even help two of the other girls rent a car to drive to Chefchaouen. He went above and beyond. The riad we stayed at was so luxurious, exceeded expectations. The owners saw us off as well, waving as the car left the stunning property. The only part that would have made it better was if the weather had cooperated and we were able to use the beautiful pool. The camp crew, Mustafa (I believe was his name), was also incredibly hospitable and kind. He shared his stories with us and felt like he was an old friend. Thank you so much for your follow up and the once in a lifetime experience.

- Beth

Marrakech Tour with Surrounding Areas, September 2016

We just wanted to say thanks for organizing our trip to Morocco on short notice. Overall we had a great time! Admittedly a lot of it was overwhelming (particularly the medina in Marrakech!) but we learned a lot and really enjoyed gaining insights into Moroccan culture. Hisham took good care of us getting from place to place and is committed to taking good care of his clients. Our favourite activity was the cooking class and what a wonderful program - I've been to quite a few cooking classes in the US and this was the best I've ever attended. We enjoyed the High Atlas and wished we had booked one extra night there. All in all, we had a great time, learned a lot, and would consider a trip back in the future perhaps for a desert trip or a visit to Fes.

- Andrea and Patrick

Fes and Marrakech with Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour, December 2019

Thank you so much for all of your work on this trip. We had a amazing time and would gladly recommend your travel agency to anyone who is interested in Morocco.

- Laura & Family

Tangiers to Marrakech via Fes and Erg Chebbi, August 2016

Our holiday was fantastic!! It was hot but not too uncomfortable except maybe the night in the desert but then it was the height of the summer! Our guide was amazing. Attentive but also allowing us time to enjoy the holiday as a family. I also really appreciated that he often carried my ruck sac to and from hotels. All the hotels were a great standard Chefchaouen was just such a beautiful place. The riad in Fez was breath-taking and the hotel in Skoura well the pool was so welcoming and the staff there were just so lovely. All in all a lovely holiday thank you.

- Wendy

Marrakech Desert Tour with Fes and Essaouira, July 2017

Lindsay and I want to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful tour of Morocco with your company. All of our guides were courteous, professional, interesting, and highly engaging. We always felt that they had our best interests at heart. Hassan, our camel guide, and Hicham, our last driver, particularly stood out in our minds and went out of their way to make sure that we had a great experience. Our accommodations were also truly outstanding. As we've talked about the trip, it seems that our favourite Riad was the one in which we were staying at the given moment. The timing of our days and logistics were also handled very well and we never ended a day feeling rushed or uncomfortable. We have several family and friends who are considering a trip to Morocco, and we will definitely be recommending Authentic Morocco to them. Thank you again for all that you and your staff did to provide us with a memorable time in Morocco.

- Joe and Lindsay

Casablanca to Tangier with Marrakech, Fes and Chefchaouen, October 2017

The trip was perfect! I could not have asked for more. Everything worked like clockwork -- drivers arrived on time; guides on time; great outings -- I couldn't spot any flaw. Driver Ali and Khalid (city guide for Fes) remain my favourites!! Loved the riads and your suggestions were extremely helpful. Thank you so much for everything, Liz! I am already recommending your company and Ali to my friends.

- Iffat

Casablanca Tour with Marrakech, Desert Tour, Fes and Chefchaouen, September 2017

We feel very privileged to have been able to visit Morocco. Ali and our city guides in both Marrakesh and Fes were very courteous at answering our endless questions, as the culture and Muslim religion were of course very new to us. Ali especially went out of his way to look after us and we appreciate that it must be hard work driving with visitors for so many days and answering their endless questions but he was always helpful and obliging and his answers were genuine which we appreciated very much. The beauty of Morocco will stay with us forever and we understand so much more about it's complexity than we ever did before because of the personal manner in which everyone related to us. It was a very memorable trip which was also due to the amazing accommodation and service we received from Riad staff. Warm regards,

Thanks so much for providing us with this opportunity and for the way you communicated with us before and during our trip. Please pass on our thanks to Ali also.

- Marg

Camel Trekking in Erg Chebbi, January 2017

Our experience with your team was absolutely spot on! We were lucky enough to have the camp to ourselves which was nice. Everything was as expected and as you had informed us. Thanks again for making our trip so memorable. We all consider our desert trek to Erg Chebbi one of the absolute highlights of the trip and we'll have no hesitation recommending your team to our friends. What an amazing place.

- Sam

Marrakech Desert Tour with Fes and Rabat, October 2018

We enjoyed our time in Morocco. Hassan was great, helpful and making good suggestions, even on our ‘off’ days. Abdul was greatly appreciated as he is a very careful driver. That was extremely important as driving is quite the challenge. Overall, we had a very positive impression of Morocco and Authentic Morocco and will recommend the company to anyone wanting to visit Morocco. Thanks again for all of your help and your quick responses to our emails were greatly appreciated especially when our friend had to cancel a the last minute.

- Vickie

Morocco Tour with Erg Chegaga, March 2019

I am back home, getting back into "regular" mode. I am yet to download my pictures and reminisce about our time in Morocco, but I really feel like I had the most wonderful time out there. While I cannot claim to have seen and experienced all that Morocco has to offer, I do feel a sense that I "got" what I set out to see and do. The places we visited, the people we met, and the experiences we encountered were all truly enjoyable and memorable. While vacation destinations (including Morocco) look great on paper, it takes a lot of planning and organizational capabilities to translate that into reality- and I have to really thank you for making this happen for us! You took care of all the little details, ensuring that there was no hitch throughout the time we were on vacation. My only regret is that we could not get to meet you- that would have added another dimension to our time in Morocco. I also want to single out Abdi and Mohamed. They both took great care of us, and we truly felt secure and safe during all the travels. This left us with open minds, and able to enjoy our time and all the experiences. Both Abdi and Mohamed were very polite & helpful and their calm, friendly personalities chimed well with ours. I am not sure when I will be visiting Morocco again, but the "sad" thing will be that you will not be there to help plan a trip. But I do want to use this opportunity to wish you the very best in retirement- I am sure it is a well deserved one. And knowing you and your passion for Morocco, I am certain that Morocco "courses" in your blood, and that you will no doubt spend time there, continuing with your noble work of helping the local communities (visiting the villages and interacting with the children in the Atlas Mountains was a highlight for me!) . Thank you once again,

- Dinesh

2day City Guide Tours in Marrakech and Fes, September 2017

We recently bade ‘goodbye’ to our Fes guide, Abdul. I wanted to write to you right away to tell you how WONDERFUL both guides were, as were all of our experiences in both Marrakech and Fes. Both guides were extremely knowledgeable, sensitive, and informative. They each understood immediately the particular needs of our group and were entirely open to catering the tours to our interests. I cannot recommend your services more highly. Please tell me how you would like me to communicate to others your expertise. In the meantime, thank you for literally making our trip to Morocco!!

- Meredith

3day Marrakech to Fes Desert Tour, June 2018

Our trip was great, thank you! Our driver was amazing, and made our trip so enjoyable!
Thank you!

- Sarah

8day Tangiers to Marrakech with Fes and Desert Tour, May 2016

It was a fantastic experience, I am so glad I decided to do it with you. Though I would like to see a less touristic Morocco for my next visit, the itinerary covered the key places for a first visit. Will keep in touch.

- Denisse

9days Marrakech to Fes with Skoura, Erg Chebbi, Moulay Idriss and Chefchaouen, May 2018

We really enjoyed all our travels in Morocco and especially the activities and adventures that you suggested and coordinated. Marouane was fun to be with and very helpful and attentive to our needs. Ridouane was also very helpful and we enjoyed our time with him also. They made a good team and we appreciate your choice of driver and guide. Every detail you coordinated worked very well. We enjoyed all our accommodations and at every stop the staff were very helpful and food was always good. Thanks again for all your help, it made for a great trip.

- Roddy

9day Tour of Morocco with Fes, Ouzoud, Skoura and High Atlas; May 2018

Well, we’re now in Marrakech after 9 fantastic days travelling in Morocco. We cannot thank you enough! Everything worked like clockwork - it was faultless and wonderful. We were incredibly impressed with every accommodation (rooms, buildings, gardens, views, service, staff etc), meals, sights we saw and visited. But we would especially like to highlight how absolutely brilliant we found our guide and driver Abdel. We are very sensitive to how a person drives, esp in potentially dangerous situations, and he was truly amazing. We were also very impressed with the vehicle - it was comfortable even sitting for so many hours, and didn’t miss a beat in handling the most arduous conditions. Abdel was also so informative, with excellent English, intelligent, tolerant of our often dumb tourist questions, always reliable and extremely thoughtful and caring. We felt totally looked after all the time we were with him. He is an outstanding ambassador for your company!
We would recommend Authentic Morocco to anyone - young, old and in between. We are already telling our friends and colleagues they must do a similar trip! Thank you again and I hope we may have an opportunity to use Authentic Morocco again in the future - we would love to return here.

- Colin and Jane

11day Morocco Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech, May 2018

We loved our time in Morocco! I think the dessert was our favorite part. It was just so beautiful and peaceful and I was glad that we had a small camp without tons of noisy tourists. We also really enjoyed Volubilis. Everything went as planned and our driver was great. I also think our Marrakesh city guide was particularly good. He asked us about a few shops, but when we told him we weren't interested, he was really nice about it and just led us on to the next site. No pressure at all. Thank you for a lovely trip!

- Katherine

Marrakech 5day Desert Tour, December 2011

Finally getting back to normal here in Aberdeen. I have to say that you gave us the most interesting holiday we have ever had, and we travel a lot. It was beyond our expectations. Abdou was a lot of fun. Your manager was excellent. We were highly impressed with him. Oh, and also the gentlemen named Lateef who gave us the city tour of Marrakech did an excellent job. He was a very professional, and highly, highly knowledgeable guide. We enjoyed that tour immensely as well. We are very glad we chose your company. Thanks for everything Liz!

- TJ and Jacqui

Marrakech Desert Tour 4days, April 2018

We had a fabulous time in Morocco, thank you. My only regret is that we were not there for longer to explore more. Our trip out to the Sahara Desert was just what we had hoped for. Our driver Muhammad and guide Hamid were very professional and friendly, and enhanced the experience for us by teaching us some Arabic sayings and teaching us about Morocco. The tour did involve a lot of driving, but as we were so tired after our horrible journey to Morocco we actually caught up on sleep in the car for the most part. Muhammad was a very cautious driver and made sure to take enough breaks so that he didn't get too tired. Considering everything that was included in the tour, I think it is great value for money and I would definitely recommend the tour to anyone else going to Marrakech. Thanks,

- Alana

11day Marrakech to Tangier Cultural Tour of Morocco with Marrakech, Ait Bougomez, Fes and Chefchaouen, July 2018

Our experience was beyond fabulous thanks to you and your colleagues. We could not have asked for a more perfect and magical experience. Your notes and attention to detail helped prepare us and we were able to adapt easily. Thank you for the superior customer service!

- Jennifer

Marrakech to Fes Luxury Desert 3day Tour, October 2018

The trip was incredible! I will recommend authentic Morocco for sure. The journey was great, The desert camels and the sunset was my favorite part and where we stayed in the tent was amazing! The food was incredible. Both nights were incredible! Les Jardins de Skoura is very magical and the host was very nice too. Thank you for all your recommendations! We had the trip of a lifetime and it was thanks to your tour.

- Yamilca

Marrakech to Fes Luxury Desert Tour, February 2017

We absolutely LOVED the tour!!‎ It was the highlight of our time in Morocco for sure! Abdul was excellent -very professional, on time and an excellent driver. We really enjoyed our time with him!!The vehicle was extremely comfortable too.

The accommodations were beautiful and top notch! The hosts very gracious and hospitable!

We also were blessed to be the only ones in the tent camp on Valentine's Day. Ali was awesome!! A very lovely man!

Also, thank you for your prompt responses and your professionalism in booking this all in. Truly appreciate it!

A trip we will never forget!

- Tina

Family Tour with Marrakech, Essaouira and Scarabeo Camp, December 2018

We had a fantastic time. It really was one of our best vacations to date. We loved Essaouira where the Ryad Watier was fantastic - we want to go back! I can’t say enough great things about our driver Abdoul. He was great with our kids and answered each of my 5 million questions. I will recommend your company to anyone I know who is headed to Morocco! We would love to return, at some point, and explore the High Atlas and Sahara. When we do, I will be in contact.

- Joe and family

Marrakech with Desert Tour, Casablanca and Fes. October 2018

The trip was great the guide Karim, very good, he take care of ourselves and explain all things very well. The driver, also a very good person, his name very difficult to remember, we called him Juan. Morocco a country, out of series, thanks for all the support and help. I do not want to stop mentioning Ali, in the camp, he consented us, and we past a great time the food and the camp was very good. A recognition to the whole team, everything very, very good; exceeding our expectations. We will be in contact, for future trips and with pleasure, I will recommend my friends with you. Greetings and may God continue to bless you.

- Jose Luis

4day Marrakech Desert Tour, December 2016

I have been meaning to write you and am finally getting around to it. I have nothing but positive feedback for the 4 day excursion my family took with your company. The itinerary was perfect, not too much driving each day and great stops along the way to break up the driving. My family, especially my brother, whose first time it was to Morocco, was AMAZED by the beauty of Morocco and the variety of scenery we were able to see our out trip. Our guide, Abdul, and our driver Mbarak, ABSOLUTELY made the trip spectacular. They were so knowledgeable, professional, polite and friendly. We got very close to them and it was hard when we had to say goodbye to them at the end of the 4 days. They were absolutely wonderful and we cannot thank them enough for making it a one of a kind vacation. If I ever take another excursion in my remaining time here in Morocco I will absolutely return to Authentic Morocco and recommend you to everyone.

- Brooklyn

5day Marrakech City Break, May 2018

We had a really nice time. The Riad was very nice and the staff was over the top helpful. The walk in the High Atlas was a real bonus. Wished we spent a night there to really get to appreciate it. The cooking class was also very well done. Nicely organized and informative. The only negative was the City guide. He was basically there to take us to places he wanted us buy things. He clearly was being paid by them and was not afraid to lie to us to get us to purchase. Hope no one else has to deal with that.

- Kraig

Marrakech with Essaouira and High Atlas, September 2018

We had a great time in Morocco and I felt very comfortable and taken care of with your team on the ground! I really appreciate all your patience and helpfulness during our back and forth with planning the trip. Going into the trip, I had a lot of peace of mind about the itinerary and how all would go. Alla and Jaouad were wonderful drivers and guides. The city guide we had for the first two days in Marrakech (I forget his name now) was also very helpful and got us oriented to the medina quickly. I noticed that we were less likely to be approached or followed in the medina when he was with us, and he seemed to know everyone, which was cool to see. Had I known what I know now, I would have scheduled another night in Essaouira! That riad was just beautiful - I would consider going back to Morocco just to stay in Essaouira at that riad! Imlil was also very beautiful, and I'm glad we took advantage of hiking up to the next village (we didn't need a guide). The Imlil riad and hosts were great - we loved being able to see the milky way at night from the roof! Overall, we had a great time, and have to thank you and your team who were kind, helpful, and professional.

- Brielle

Marrakech Short Break Family Tour with Day Trip to Agafay for dinner and star-gazing, August 2018

Thanks so much for a very well-planned few days in Marrakech. Everything went very smoothly. The quad bikes through the gorgeous desert were a real highlight. And our tour through the Médina was fantastic as was the cooking class. Thanks, thanks!!!

- Jackie and Family

10day Majestic Morocco Tour, April 2018

I want to say we had a fabulous time in Morocco and want to thank you for all your help and input in getting our itinerary together for us. You were so fast with answering all our inquiries and you were such a pleasure to deal with ... thank you! We were very happy at all the Riads we stayed at and the people who ran them were just wonderful. I also want to tell you that our trip would not have been the same if it was not for our driver who has such a wonderful personality. He was very accommodating and we also appreciated his patience with us girls. I will tell you we always felt safe with him and he is a great driver. He was also very informative and answered all questions we had and provided recommendations when asked. I cannot say enough good things about him. We have been on many trips and know that the driver is an important part of the experience of a trip especially when there is a lot of driving involved. We were VERY happy with our driver. I will sure be recommending your tour company to any of my friends and family who plan on visiting Morocco. Thank you again.

- Kathleen

Marrakech Desert Tour (4days), October 2017

It was a great trip. The highlights have to be the places we stayed – all very special in their own way. Our hosts were so welcoming and attentive. I think we’ll be back in the not too distant future to explore new areas of Morocco!

- Anna

10day Morocco Tour from Marrakech to Casablanca including desert tour, Fes, Chefchaouen and Rabat; May 2018

Our trip was terrific. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and cannot thank you enough for all of your assistance with the planning. I confess we were a bit wary starting out on the trip -- not really knowing what to expect of Morocco -- but upon arrival everything was handled so smoothly and efficiently that we were quickly assured all would be well. Abdul, our driver, was fantastic. He was easy to find at the airport, made us feel at ease immediately by sharing stories about his family and experiences, was incredibly helpful and informative -- answering any and all of our questions and accompanying us to each riad to ensure all was in order, and managed to both keep us on schedule while still giving us ample opportunities to see all of the sights along the way that we desired. The riads were all spectacular -- the locations were good, the people were friendly and helpful, and the decor was beautiful. We all agreed that the ambience was cool and gave us a feel for Morocco, its people, and its culture in a way no regular "hotel" could have done. I honestly have no suggestions, because we felt everything went without a hitch. Our favourite day definitely was the evening camel ride in Erg Chebbi, sunset and sunrise on the dunes and the stay overnight in the Ksar Tin Hinan camp. We truly appreciate all that you did to arrange and manage the trip for us. I fear we never would have ventured to Morocco otherwise, so thank you for sharing your expertise and helping us create such lasting memories!

- Meredith

4day Marrakech to Fes Desert Tour, October 2017

Overall, we had a great time! Abdul was a very good driver (very safe) and Hamit was a nice, friendly, and helpful guide. The journey was an exciting one with varied sites, beautiful scenery, and interesting destinations. We enjoyed all the places we stayed at, and everything was well organized.

One suggestion I might have is that for lunch, we basically went to tourist places. Maybe that's a function of where we were going and what's available en route, but my wife and I prefer cuisine that is where locals might go. I assume the guides get some deal or kickback so that may be why all the tourists go to the same places. We did tell this to Hamit and on the last day went to a place that was definitely more authentic, although we had to wait until 2:30pm to eat, but it was definitely worth it. Much better food and much cheaper as well! So, Hamit was certainly flexible to our wants, but in case other tourists also like to avoid touristy restaurants, might be something to think about and plan ahead of time. Again, may just be that there aren't many choices way out there, so it might not be possible...

Thanks again for all your help throughout! You are definitely one of the most responsive individuals I've come across and that certainly played a large part in us choosing to secure the booking with you. I would definitely recommend your company to anybody I know traveling to Morocco. We had a great time during our 10 days there. Thanks for everything.

- Eric

Marrakech with Day Trip to lunch in the High Atlas, December 2017

Wanted to thank you Liz for all the wonderful arrangements that you had made for our trip to Marrakech. It was truly memorable. We truly will recommend Authentic Morocco to all our friends and hopefully I will contact you again soon to visit more of Morocco.

- Preethi

Fes to Marrakech via Ait Bougomez and hike, April 2017

We arrived home from our Morocco trip last night. It was a wonderful trip for all. Our 3 nights in Ait Bougmez Valley was the highlight. Abdsalem (Abdel) was the most gracious wonderful guide ever. For such a young man to so ably deal with 9 raucous American women for 4 days and 3 nights was truly amazing. He was quietly confident, easy going and delightful. I’m not sure how you hire your guides, but we highly recommend him. As for the trip itself - some highlights. Of course, the gorgeous mountains, landscapes, flowers, sheep and shepherds were spectacular. One of the best (and most surprising) meals was at a truck stop where we ate tagines of goat and rabbit. Who knew you could get such food at a petrol station? Accommodations were the perfect combination of being spartan and comfortable. Our walks around the villages in the valley were such a contrast from our six days in Fes! So peaceful. It was really hard to leave this magical place and all agreed that Morocco is a hospitable, gentle place, whether in the cities or tiny villages.

- Alicia and friends

Casablanca Family Tour with Fes, Erg Chebbi and Marrakech, December 2012

My husband and I would like to thank you for arranging the excellent tour of Morocco for us. We had a real authentic Moroccan time. It was splendid. The kids really enjoyed it too. Ali our driver for the 8 days we were there was excellent. We could not ask for a better driver. He truly is an asset for Authentic Morocco. The guides that you arranged were also very informative and knew the sights well. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends in the future.

- Wan

Marrakech 2day Tour to Ait Benhaddou, November 2016

My father and I had a beautiful adventure. I am so glad to have booked with you and will certainly do again when I return to morocco one day… a highlight for me was a morning walk behind our hotel in a grove of pomegranate, fig and olive trees as the sun came up. It was magical. Thank you so much, all the best to you and the team.

- Stephanie B

Marrakech Day Tour of the City, November 2012

We had a brilliant time in Morocco but wished we had been there for longer! Our driver and guides were excellent and we really enjoyed their company. They were punctual, friendly, knowledgable and flexible. Perfect for our group. We felt confident that we saw the best sights in the city and made the best use of our limited time there. I have already recommended your company to a friend who hopes to visit later in the year. I will definitely be coming back for a more extended trip with a view to going to the mountains and seeing more of the country so will be in touch in the future.

- Jacky

Marrakech 3day Desert Tour, March 2018

I wanted to thank you for the excellent organisation of the trip - it was a fantastic experience. I now understand why you mentioned that three days are not the best idea about this trip - it was not the tiredness but just that the time went too fast to be able to grasp in depth the uniqueness of this experience and Berber life as well as interact more with the locals as it takes a couple of days to feel at ease and comfortable with the different culture. I really hope I will be able to return at some point to get to know more about this wonderful country. And most importantly, I wanted to stress that Mohammed and Maroin have been absolutely fantastic and made the trip so pleasant for us. I had mentioned that I was concerned as we were two women travelling alone so, when the trip to High Atlas and Sahara started, I was really relieved to see how nice they were. All in all, a fantastic experience and wanted to thank you again for organising this trip so nicely and for being so professional and answering all questions upon organising the trip - I don’t think there is something I would change, we followed the guidelines they gave us given time was limited but I am hoping I will have the opportunity to do a customised trip at some point in the future and I will definitely recommend you to any friends that might visit.

- Chrysa

Tangier to Marrakech with Fes and Erg Chebbi Desert Tour , June 2017

Over all, we loved our experience in Morocco and we are happy that we chose to visit during Ramadan because we got to see the places and people from a different perspective. The cities, I imagine, were quieter than they usually are during the day, but in the evening the streets came alive.

I think we made the right choice in arranging this trip with you and I/we thank you very much for providing us with such a memorable experience. Also Liz, your communication with us and your knowledge of what to see and where to stay were top notch. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Authentic Morocco to any of our friends who are planning to visit Morocco.

- Grant and Family

Private Vehicle and Driver - Fes-Chefchaouen-Desert-Marrakech, May 2017
(clients booked their own hotels)

Just a brief email to say thank you for everything and to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Morocco. We were really pleased with our driver Hitcham, he was extremely professional, always on time, pleasant and with a great sense of humour. We will recommend your services to our friends who might be interested in visiting Morocco!

- Eveline and Laurence

3day Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour, August 2017

Thank you very much for your tour. I was very happy & impressed.

- Jeffrey

Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour, April 2018

I’m writing to let you know how much we enjoyed our time in Morocco, largely due to the tour we took with your company. We were so impressed with our driver and guide (Hamid) and we really had a fantastic time. My husband and I have travelled a lot but we were both very taken with Morocco and want to go back already, which is very rare for us - we don’t usually go back to the same location. We happened to be the only guests at the luxury camp, which was perfect, and the L’Ma Lodge was lovely. I have already recommended your company to people and I will continue to do so. Thanks so much for your patience and assistance in setting the trip up—and for your suggested itinerary. I’m glad that we opted to spend more time in Fez and Marrakesh rather than Casablanca. Thank you again. We loved our trip.

- Jessica

Marrakech and Fes with Desert Tour, April 2018

Our family trip to Morocco was absolutely amazing! The Riad in Marrakech - so lovely and lived up to our expectations and more; people were so nice and accommodating. The Tour - the sites were wonderful, the tour guide and drivers were so kind and helpful! the only comment I have is the car was quite small and uncomfortable for 4 adults and the car was not very clean. The Riad in Fez - also very nice, clean, but one room was on the roof terrace and with the rain was inconvenient to have to go outside each time. Overall the planning was wonderful, especially last minute and we appreciate your help!

- Pooja

4day Fes to Marrakech Tour with Chefchaouen and Rabat, May 2018

We had a great time in Morocco. We were very glad with your arrangement - driver, guide and riads. The riad selections were all excellent. The driver Mohammed and guide Aatmane were both professional and we had a great time travelling with them. Thanks again for the arrangement.

- Samson

12day Casablanca Tour with Fes, Erg Chebbi, Off the Beaten Track, and Marrakech. April 2018

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated having Hamid as our guide and Mohamed as our driver. Hamid is very professional. He handled all the administrative logistics quietly and efficiently, making calls to change schedules as needed, coordinating things with the City Guides you hired for us. He and Mohamed were always at least five minutes early to any scheduled meeting, but they were very accommodating to all of our requests for schedule changes. He has an excellent memory, remembering our conversations and our requests. He communicated well, reviewing the itinerary as we travelled and regularly checked in with us to see if everything was going as we hoped. All three of us were intensely curious about Morocco and peppered him with all sorts of questions. He was infinitely patient about responding to all of them. Between Hamid and Mohamed they were able to answer most of our queries. We appreciated Hamid’s depth of knowledge about Moroccan geography, culture, food, agriculture and plants. He also has an awareness of, and curiosity about, the world beyond Morocco. We did not have need to call on Hamid’s experience as a mountain guide, but have no doubt that he would be an excellent guide for a hiking tour. Mohamed was a wonderful part of our touring team. He was an excellent driver, handling all road types from the motorway, to the local roads, to the gravel road, to the off-road sections when the gravel road gave out, or when we drove out to the Tin Hinan desert camp. He was responsive to our requests to stop for photographs, but professional in warning us of places he could not safely stop. When I got my dog bite scratches he had pulled the first aid kit out of the car before I even got there and cleaned and bandaged my hand very efficiently. His knowledge of Morocco complemented Hamid’s and we appreciated his commentary and explanations. We were lucky to have them as a team, they work so well together. (As an aside, we liked that they wore regular street clothes.) Their enthusiasm about Morocco played a large role in our overall enjoyment of our trip. Thank you again,

- Kathy, Ruth and Blair

Tangiers Tour, December 2015

From the moment that I sent my first inquiry email to the end of the trip I could not have been in better hands. Liz, one of the principals at Authentic Morocco, responded every single one of my dozens of emails instantly. No matter how big or small — my questions were answered in total detail. I changed our trip itinerary several times— no problem for Liz. She was incredibly patient. Her goal was to always make sure our trip would be amazing. She even took care of booking a wonderful Riad and transfer in Tangier that was not even part of the tour. She suggested the best travel insurance. I had a total and complete comfort level of this tour right from start that began with a google search.

When our driver Ali arrived, I felt like we were welcomed into the family of Authentic Morocco. This is a solid team that has worked together for years. Ali was totally accommodating in every way. He had an intuitive sense and knew instinctually how to be available for every need, without being intrusive. Our drive from city to city was filled with many learnings — from the history to the current life in Morocco. We got into very interesting conversations about culture and politics. It was fascinating. He suggested the very best restaurants. He knew the best times to drive to experience the full effect of the beauty of the land. He showed us the best places to shop. He was happy to step into any negotiations that would be helpful to us. When I wanted to change our itinerary at the very last moment to stay an extra night in the mountains, Ali burst into action. It was a Sunday afternoon and team Authentic Morocco made all the new arrangements, immediately.

In addition, each city tour guide was knowledgeable, flexible and personable. Each guide picked up on our interests. Plus, Ari also knew exactly when jump in to support and provide texture to the experience.

And finally, each Riad was simply wonderful— exotic palaces with impeccable service. The food was just amazing. We felt safe and secure the entire trip— which was really important to us.
This trip was perfect — from start to finish.

- Ellen

Marrakech 4day Desert Tour, October 2017

We had a fantastic time in Morocco. Our driver and guide were absolutely fantastic. The accommodations were lovely. Thank you!

- Alex & Jordan

10day Tangier to Marrakech Tour with Chefchaouen, Fes and Erg Chebbi, June 2018

We really enjoyed our time in Morocco. The whole trip went smoothly apart from our initial meeting in Tangier Med which was quickly resolved. We missed out on our camel trip as I wasn't feeling well but that is the way it goes sometimes. I think our replacement driver from Skoura for the transfer to Marrakech could have been better briefed on our itinerary; we had to show him our copy. Our driver spoke very good English and was happy to talk about anything so we learnt a lot about Berber customs, history and lifestyle as well as about all the sights. The replacement driver that we had from Skoura to Marrakech was a very good driver but had limited English so we couldn't have much of a conversation with him. The accommodation was great and all the staff everywhere were very welcoming and helpful. We were the only people staying at the Kasbah Ait Ben Damiette in Skoura so we got spoilt there. In Marakech we were a bit unsure about finding our way back to Riad Le J the first night but in the end it was quite easy. They gave us a mobile phone in case we got lost. All the stops we made along the way for lunch and other breaks were also good. The city we enjoyed most was Chefchaouen. It was great having a whole day there to look around and walk out into the countryside. Also very hard to get lost. Fes was interesting and we got to see everything on your list apart from the synagogue. We found our guide was quite formal, knew what he was talking about but not easily diverted from his routine. At times it felt we were on a shopping tour some of which it is hard to avoid as for example you go through the leather shop to see the tanneries. On the plus side we got to see how the carpets were made, had a tour of a beautifully restored building and saw some really nice carpets even if we had no intention of buying anything. In Marrakech our guide asked us what we wanted to see so apart from one museum, a Berber pharmacy and at the end a carpet place we spent most of the time in the souks. The guide was very relaxed and happy to talk about how people lived and worked. We walked to the Saadian Tombs and Palace Bahia the next day and it took us all morning as the Tombs were quite crowded. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount and quality of the fresh fruit and vegetables and by how rich the countryside was around Fez. The food was great but we soon learnt to order individual dishes rather than the set three course meals which were too much food for us especially in the middle of the day. We will recommend your organisation to any friends and family who plan to travel to Morocco. Again thanks for providing us with an informative and enjoyable trip.

- Pam and Mike

Marrakech to Fes Desert Tour, September 2016

My wife and I enjoyed the trip. We really liked our guide and driver (Hamid and Mbark). The hotel in Skoura was especially nice. Riding camels is a young person's sport but I am glad we did it. It was a great trip. Thanks.

- John

4day Marrakech to Fes Desert Tour, December 2016

We were happy on how you organized everything especially with Abdul and Mbarak in which they were very helpful and informative throughout the whole tour. We really experienced and tasted some Moroccan culture. Thanks once again for your professional service and help.

- Nikol and Mark

Marrakech to Fes Desert Tour, November 2014

We had a wonderful time in Morocco! For us the best parts were spent on our tour with your company. Hicham was always professional, punctual, helpful and accommodating. Visiting the Sahara was an extraordinary experience and managed perfectly for us. If I return with my husband we would book more extensive tours with you. Many thanks for a great, safe service.

- Elke

Family Tour to Marrakech with Agafay, Essaouira and Ourika Valley, April 2018

We had a great trip and really enjoyed the diversity of Morocco, the food, and the people! And the places we stayed were really great. Thanks for checking in and for helping us plan what was a great vacation!

- Barre

Rabat Desert Tour with Fes and Marrakech - Mid-Tour Comments, October 2017

What a wonderful trip we are having! The riads in Rabat and Fes have been great! Ali is great! Khalid today was great! We had high expectations for the trip and it has already been so much more than we imagined. Thank you!!

- David

Casablanca Tour with Chefchaouen, Fes, Erg Chebbi, Marrakech and Essaouira, May 2018

I had a wonderful 9 days in Morocco! Thanks for organising this last minute trip in a very efficient manner and making it possible. Special thanks to our driver and guide Abdoul who was extremely professional and went out of his way to help us in this foreign country (eg finding us a good Chinese restaurant in Marrakesh). It’s been a great experience. I wish you every success with your business! I will definitely recommend your service to my friends!

- Jennifer

Marrakech 2day Tour with High Atlas, Kasbahs and Berber Villages, April 2017

THANK YOU. The trip you help planned was nothing short of wonderful! Our driver Hakeem was knowledgeable, kind, punctual, and really very helpful throughout the entire trip. He was especially lovely to our daughter that by the end of our Moroccan trip, she kept comparing him to the other drivers we had, wishing everyone was like Hakeem. The places we saw and visited were beyond spectacular, the people we met along the way were way too kind. Morocco has definitely left a mark in our hearts, leaving a lifetime of memories for us to cherish. Thank you again for all your help, will recommend you to our friends visiting the country in future!

- Arnie

10day Tangier to Marrakech Tour with Fes, Erg Chebbi, Todra, Skoura and High Atlas, April 2018

Our trip was fantastic! Greatly planned. Wonderful tour guide that could not have been better. The trip of a lifetime. Well done. We enjoyed every minute. Thank you very much! Fantastic - just the email itinerary thing was hard to follow and understand. Thanks for everything!

- Teresa

Fes to Marrakech Luxury Desert Tour, May 2016

The tour was one of the most memorable experiences of my life . Actually the Highlight. Everything was perfect form the time Mubarak and Hamid picked us up to the time we were dropped off in Marrakech. The desert camp –amazing 5 star tent-the food , staff , the place – all was just beautiful. Skoura –another amazing place, staff, service. The whole trip gets a rating of 10/10 - I'll recommend this to anyone. Thank you for making this a very special experience.

- Mariam

Marrakech Long Weekend, April 2018

Just a quick note to say my daughter and I had a wonderful time in Marrakech. We felt well taken care of. Thank you!

- Sylvaine

Casablanca Tour with Rabat, Chefchaouen, Fes, Marrakech and Essaouira, December 2011

We had a wonderful trip to Morocco last week and I wanted to send you this note while things are still fresh in my mind. The trip was excellent and, overall, we had a great time - I appreciate all your help in making it happen. Thanks again for your help in modifying our trip to meet our schedule and goals.

- Mark and Julie

Casablanca to Marrakech with Chefchaouen, Fes and Erg Chebbi, December 2017

I wanted to send you a quick thank you e-mail as we both really enjoyed our time in Morocco, it was really fantastic. The tour is really well organized and Hicham is such a doll ... we love him, he showed us a great time! All of the Riads we stayed at were beautiful, comfortable, all with incredibly friendly staff ... it made our experience that much better. This trip was so impactful we both left a piece of our hearts in Morocco. I really would like to go back in the near future and stay a little bit longer in the cities and the desert camp and enjoy our time in each place without a rush. Thank you so much for helping organize such an amazing tour -- this experience will be with us for a lifetime.

- Joanne

Marrakech 5day Desert Tour with 2nights in Erg Chebbi, June 2017

I wanted to let you know that from both Tamara and myself, the trip was absolutely amazing and flawless. Hicham was not only the best guide of all time, but he became a friend of ours that we will miss. The riads were fantastic and the luxury camp was quite wonderful as well. Mustafa and his team made our stay unforgettable and we felt welcome everywhere. Additionally, thank you for recommending the deep desert camp experience - definitely the coolest thing Tamara and I have ever done, and our pictures prove it!

All in all it was a superb experience and I have only the highest remarks to say about Authentic Morocco and your staff. We will be sure to highly recommend your services for any friends of ours traveling to Morocco.

Thank you again for everything Liz, you helped to make Morocco a trip of a lifetime.

- David and Tamara

Marrakech to Fes Erg Chebbi Tour, December 2013

The tour was excellent! Thanks for your help in planning this itinerary! We had a terrific time. Our driver, Hussain, was amazing. He was professional, wonderfully friendly, looked out for us and made us feel very safe during the trip (which was very important because we were three girls traveling alone). The night was spent in the desert was definitely the highlight. We had a great time learning from our host Bakkar about the nomadic life. I will definitely recommend Authentic Morocco to my friends and especially Hussain.

- Rose

8day Morocco Tour during Ramadan from Fes to Marrakech with Luxury Desert Camp in Erg Chebbi, Hiking in Todra and Dades Gorges, and Ait Benhaddou; May 2018

We enjoyed our trip. All accommodations were very nice and the hotels in Dades and Todra Gorges packed us nice lunches for our hikes. Our driver for the bulk of the trip, Khalid, was also very nice and helpful. Hope that helps, would recommend you to others.

- Jennifer

Marrakech and Fes with Desert Tour, December 2017

What a fabulous time we had and thank you for all of your help with setting up the arrangements. It truly was a trip that we will always remember .... clearly up there with our past trips to Egypt and an African Safari. The guides that you provided for us in both Marrakesh and Fez (and Meknes) were excellent and very thorough. We loved both the Sultana Hotel in Marrakesh and the Sherazade Palace in Fez. We also loved your private tented camp and our experience in the desert. It was truly magical with the Berber tribesmen singing and dancing under the stars. Mustafa was a delight .... either he is a great cook or he performs magic in that small kitchen/tent BC our dinner was excellent that night. My husband would tell you it was the best tagine on the trip... after perhaps the dinner at a small Riad in Fez that our driver told us about and which he says is one of your favorites. Omar the camel herder was amazing too. He was great at escorting us on his camels to the top of the dune b4 sunset, strategically arranged us on a blanket he brought for this purpose so that he could take our photos, and was also a wonderful storyteller. He and I spoke in French about things such as 1 and 2 hump camels, how long a 1 hump camel can last in the desert with no water (answer : up to 3 months) and also told me about his family... his 6 daughters, 1 son , and his 104 year old mother - whose age he wrote in the sand with his finger so that I would be sure to understand. But the jewel of the trip clearly was our driver for the entire trip. The man is a saint. He was a perfect chauffeur and guide. He was always available. Patiently waited for us after numerous shopping expeditions. Always in a good mood even in bad traffic and even when it snowed our entire trip thru the cypress forest and driving was difficult. Always made excellent suggestions re places to stop for lunch and had great dinner recommendations. Went out of his way to make sure we were happy and felt secure. My husband, who originally had voiced concerns about traveling in Morocco, told me afterwards that due exclusively to our driver that he felt completely at ease the entire trip. I completely agree with him.

In summary, it was a great great trip and I thank you again for all of your assistance.

- Sue and family

Tangier to Casablanca Tour with Chefchaouen and Fes, October 2017

Quick note to thank you and the team for the wonderful experience.
We had an amazing visit!

- Honey

Fes to Marrakech 3day Luxury Desert Tour, May 2106

We thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of our time in Morocco and particularly the Authentic Morocco tour from Fez to Marrakech. The crossing the Atlas Mountains and our camel ride and time in tents on the edge of the Sahara will remain in our memory banks for many years. Our guide (Abdul) and driver (Mohammed) were very professional, attentive to all our needs and we enjoyed their company.

- Bruce

Casablanca to Marrakech Desert Tour with Fes, October 2017

We had a very good time in Morocco. Ali showed up on time in Casablanca and took us to Fez with all the in-between stops. We had a very good day with him. I cant’ remember the lady guide’s name in Meknes but she was very good and spoke also perfect Italian with me :). We loved the Riad in Fez where we had the kings room…..great!! We spent a good day with Mohammed visiting the city. The funniest thing….you know how the travel world is pretty small…well Mohammed used to be a guide for a Tour Operator I worked for in Italy … so we spent some time talking about the good old days…:) and the many people we knew in the business. He is a good guide. He has a very hectic way of relating the information…nevertheless he has experience. Abdul showed up on time as well and the 3 days spent with him were very pleasant; he was kind and attentive and available. The deep camp was a great experience and so was the luxury camp with Mustafa; such a gracious host. Abdul took us back to Marrakech safe and sound: he is a good driver and a clever young man. Alla was very helpful with the rental of a car. He showed up on time and gave us the car we needed to continue our trip along the coast to Imsuame where we enjoyed 2 days of great surfing. We are very pleased about the service from Authentic Morocco from the very first exchange of e-mails till the very end. We felt we were always in very good hands. We will come back next year. It’s a promise. And we will recommend your company to our nephews who live in Barcelona and Italy. Thanks so much Liz. All the best and see you soon again Inshallah!

- Cristina

Marrakech Desert Tour, November 2013

We really enjoyed the tour with the two Mustaphas - Mustapha the guide was very knowledgeable and spoke with passion about his country, its history and Berber culture and Mustapha the driver was one of the best drivers I have ever come across - very safe, courteous and stopped/slowed down for photos frequently. We were well looked after throughout and had a lot of fun on the trip - we particularly enjoyed singing along to Berber music in the car and an impromptu night of music and dancing on our last night in the Kasbah with the Mustaphas and hotel staff (what a lovely hotel). The trek into the desert on camels was simply amazing - a real Moroccan experience and so peaceful. We didn't see anyone else until we got close to camp which really made us feel like we were alone in the wilderness. We would love to trek for more days in the desert if we ever make it back to Morocco. Our nomadic guide was excellent, very knowledgeable and he spoke very good English. He also cooked a delicious dinner. It was so interesting to hear about his experiences of living in the desert. We loved drumming by the fire! I would definitely recommend Authentic Morocco.

- Pete

Marrakech to Casablanca Tour with Erg Chebbi, Fes and Chefchaouen, June 2017

The team did a good job. Especially the driver who was very good and always very safe.
Thanks for the arrangements – I will recommend your services to friends

- Quentin

Tangier to Fes with Tangier, Chefchaouen and Moulay Idriss, April 2018

It all worked out quite nicely and we fell in love with Chefchaouen - what a great start. The two hour tour in Tangier was a perfect introduction, guide was great and the view from the restaurant where we had lunch overlooked the harbour as well as a gate where the men were coming from the mosque. Moulay Idris was great too - it was great at to have the option of walking to Volubilis if we wanted although the thermal baths were a disappointment as we had our bathing suits on and thought we'd enjoy them, but the water was very low and had garbage in it; but it was great hiking out to them and seeing the city from the distance. The Meknes tour was great, just enough time to get a feel of the city. Both the drivers were very friendly and had a pretty good command of the language, Mohammad was helpful and took good care of us. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who heads to Morocco. I appreciate all the extra time you took in answering our questions. Thanks again.

- Barbara

Marrakech to Fes Desert Tour, April 2018

It has been a wonderful tour trip for us with guide Mohammed through your company's arrangement. Thank you very much and I'd highly recommend Authentic Morocco to my friends.

- Kai

Postcard from Morocco, August 2017

We wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful trip to Morocco. Your recommendations made this a very special and memorably experience for me and Lisa. Each riad we stayed in has been exceptional and the driving recommendations were spot on! Thank you. We will be sure to recommend you to any friends or family travelling to Morocco.

- Davis and Lisa

Marrakech Day Trip Proposal, October 2014

I have now returned from a truly fantastic weekend in Morocco. I am sincerely grateful to you for arranging everything so excellently on Saturday, and your general travel advice. Our driver Hesham was a pleasure to be with, we are very grateful for his time, and enjoyed conversing with him throughout. The route was, as promised, stunning and eye-opening.

Lawrence and the hotel in Ouirgane Valley were wonderful hosts, I could not have wanted more and the proposal went better than I could have possibly expected. The fact that my fiancée had no idea right up until the ring appeared, halfway up a mountain, was a feat not easily achieved. Lawrence took the time to walk us around the grounds too - a wonderful return venue for an anniversary or two I have no doubt.

- Sawood

Tangier to Marrakech with Fes, Desert Tour and Essaouira, April 2018

I cannot thank you and your company enough for the wonderful journey we had through Morocco. Authentic Morocco lives up to its name 100%. Our driver - what an asset not only to your travel company but to his beloved country - he certainly added immensely to our amazing adventure. From my initial enquiry online to Carim saying farewell at Marrakech airport - everything was seamless. The cherry on the cake was that our holiday brief was listened to and catered for every step of the way. Liz I can go on endlessly expressing our gratitude - our Moroccan adventure was amazing! Shukraan!

- Helen and Terry

Marrakech and High Atlas, July 2018

Thank you for your exceptional services. Our stay was beyond expectation. All of our guides and drivers were very professional, helpful and well informed. The Riad was lovely. The young ladies at the cooking class were a blast - just need to turn up the air conditioning for the duration of the class. We loved Marrakech and are looking forward to a return trip with time allowing us to see more if Morocco. We will definitely be reaching out to you again.

- Diana

Tangier to Marrakech via Chefchaouen and Fes, July 2017

We had a great trip to Morocco and our feedback would be:
- You were extremely helpful and always got back to me really quickly. I was quite nervous about the trip but didn’t need to be.
- Authentic Morocco drivers and guides were excellent. Really helpful, flexible and efficient.
- The ‘Walking City Tours’ were a great way to familiarize us with the cities and some of the history. Those guides were also very, very good.
- The accommodation was mostly excellent. The staff were all really friendly and helpful, especially in Marrakech when Gav got sick. Chefchaouen was definitely the highlight and the most awesome riad.
- The only one that wasn’t was the riad in Rabat. It was a grotty and the food was not good. Having said that the staff were mostly lovely. I don’t think I made a good choice in going to Rabat, actually.
- The whole tipping thing was tricky because we forgot sometimes and other times tipped way too much. But that’s life.
- The ferry over was not the best decision we made. It was easy but basically we stood in lines off and on for hours. I reckon if you are time poor like us flying is the way to go.
- Would have loved to have had the time and the weather to have added the desert experience.
- It was a really interesting place to visit and we have recommended Authentic Morocco to some friends and family wishing to go to Morocco.

- Deb and Gavin

10day Morocco Tour with Ourika Valley, Marrakech, Essaouira and El Jadida, September 2018

I just wanted to follow up and THANK you for the wonderful job you did with your guidance, support, and choices for our tip. I have so many memories, I'm not sure where to begin. On the whole, the hotels were perfect. Everyone we encountered (from the staff at the hotels to the drivers and guides) were extremely professional, and in my opinion, adorable. I loved all of them! My personal favorite? Abdul. As we spent the most time with him, we got to know him well. We really connected well. I learned so much from him regarding the culture and human nature, plus, we spent a lot of time giggling. Again, thank you Liz!

- Debbie

4day Marrakech to Fes (no desert), May 2018

We had a very interesting trip. We enjoyed Marrakech, but the trip from there to Fes through the mountains was really the best part of the trip. The first day’s drive (to Skoura) went quickly. As a personal preference, if I had to do it over I would stop at the Tamdaght kasbah rather than Ait Benhaddou, which was overrun with tourists, but nothing lost as it was on the way, anyway. We really liked the evening at Les Jardins de Skoura, the room was very comfortable and dinner in the garden tasty and relaxing. We both really enjoyed the bike ride, as well as the lazy lunch at L’Ma. Our room at Chez Pierre was a standard smallish room rather than the suite listed on the itinerary, so don’t know if there should be any adjustment related to that, but the food there was good and the half-day hike through the gorge another highlight. Even the last day’s long drive to Fes was more interesting than feared, so overall it was a good four days. Our driver Hisham was very careful and attentive. We’d like to return and do some more hiking as well as a desert excursion.

- Nita

Morocco Tour, March 2019

We had a wonderful time in Morocco! It is hard to pick out highlights but the Dunes Camp at ERG CHEBBI certainly stands out. We all thoroughly enjoyed our stay and chats with Mohammed the host. The camel ride at dusk was a hit and the stay was certainly worth the extra money; we would all highly recommend it. The other standout for all of us, was ABDUL our driver/guide and we cannot speak too highly of him. He went out of his way to accommodate us (stopping for photos of storks and nests and more storks and nests, and even looking for flamingoes!) We enjoyed intelligent conversations; shared a similar sense of humour, having lots of laughs seeing the funny side of things; and could relax with his driving. He was thoughtful, able to anticipate situations and was respectful, not just to us but also to locals when passing through towns and villages. In our opinion he is the consummate guide, and proved a hard act to follow! Please pass on our thanks to him, as we know he helped make the week together wonderful. Our accommodation was great- we loved the ambience created by the restored riads, the warm and friendly welcomes and the traditional mint tea and sweets served on arrival.
I mentioned the dunes camp, but we also loved SKOURA oasis. In particular I enjoyed walking about by myself with my camera - the light at dusk just beautiful. Les Jardins de Skoura itself, as well as the setting, picture perfect. The Medinas were interesting but frenetic. Essaouira was very different and I would probably stay a few more days if returning. Palm Valley at Tafraoute was amazing. Our only criticism, if you could call it that, is that there was too much food. All of us absolutely loved the food, but felt we were wasting it as we simply could not eat it all!! So, a wonderful holiday! We loved the scenery, and the variety of scenery (some of which reminded us of parts of Australia); met some interesting and friendly people; savoured the wonderful food; relished the sights, colour and sounds( apart from the motor bikes roaring past!) and activity of the medinas. Thank you for helping to make this a great holiday. Corresponding with you was so easy, and you always responded promptly , answering any queries I had. The only problem is that it has left us with a taste for more!!

- Julie

Family Tour of Marrakech, Agafay Desert, Fes and Tangier, August 2018

Thanks for everything we had a great time and the kids as well, all of your people where great and we had truly a great time. Again thanks for your patience and help. I'm sure we will be in touch soon.

- Alberto

Highlights of Morocco Tour (16days), October 2017

We just landed in HK and concluded our trip for Morocco! We would like to thank you again for helping us putting together this trip. All the kind hospitality we received on the road has overwhelmed us, and we felt we have been carefully looked after by your team in Marrakech. We are very grateful for that. Special thanks goes to our driver Abderrahim (Abdo), he has gone above and beyond try to look after us in very way, and we knew we were in good hands since day 1. We are thrilled with our traveling experience in this amazing country with the professional help from your agency! We would recommend your agency to all of our friends who plan to visit Morocco.

- Beibei and Sabrina

Fes to Marrakech Desert Tour, November 2011

This is a belated thank you for the excellent trip that your organization and driver, (Khalid) put together for my family. Everything clicked along perfectly. There is not one thing I would suggest changing. The experience that the trip from Fez, through Erg Chebi, to Marrakesh provided were terrific. What a great contrast to the more modern Morocco. Again thanks for the effort that Authentic Morocco provided.

- Jim